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The Ashton Gardens green officially closes on Sunday 18th. October but due to Covid 19 it will unfortunately have to close with immediate effect, so to all members DO NOT BOWL at either Ashton Gardens or Fairhaven as of today.

From the Chairman Keith Whittle


1. The bowling green closes on Sunday October 18th. 2020.


2. There will be no Xmas Lunch at the Montarea Hotel, Due to Covid rules.


3. There will be no xmas Dinner Dance in January 2021. Due to Covid rules.


4. Wednesday Winter Socials will not take place at the moment.(Should rules change regarding numbers indoors we will put them back on).


5. A.G.M. will take place on line this year, please ensure the Records Officer Jim Orr has your details, (should you not have email, postal will be available).


The Chairman is working with Green Secretary and Fylde Council to get the No.2 green open for the Winter. We will keep you updated..



BCGBA - PHASE 2a - 7 July 2020


The British Crown Green Bowling Association has informed all bowling clubs that bowling is now permissible providing that certain restrictions are implemented. These are detailed below.


Groups should be limited to 3 groups (total 6 people)
 Example 1.  Family group of 3 and 1 group of 2.
 Example 2.  Family group of 3 plus 1 from outside family group, one other group of 2      (maximum 6 people).
 Example 3.  3 groups of 2 people, either from the same household or different households.

CLUB NOTE:- The maximum number of games playing at any one time is limited to 3 games.
 Only Club members will be entitled to play on the green.
 Limited green opening times shall be applied.
 Each club shall appoint a central contact who is responsible for supplying all relevant information should Track and Trace be required.
 The central contact shall maintain a Club Schedule of Attendance. The schedule shall record the name(s), date and time of all persons utilising the green in order to ensure that limited attendance is maintained.
CLUB NOTE:- The central contact for AGB&SC is Club Secretary Pauline Whittle (on landline only) Tel. 01253 461392.
 A full 2 metres social distancing must be maintained between bowler who are not from the same household.
 All bowlers shall provide their own bowls, jack, mat and measuring equipment if required.
CLUB NOTE:- The club shall NOT supply any equipment.
 All bowlers shall provide their own sanitising aids such as gel or wipes and sanitise their equipment before, during and after a game if necessary.
 Once a playing session has been completed all bowlers shall vacate the green and surrounding area immediately.



The AGB&SC committee has decided that the ladies and the mens Pavillions will be opened for the use of the toilet facilities between the hours of 10.00 & 16.00. To assist personal hygiene disposable paper towels, wet wipes and hand sanitiser will be provided. Members are reminded of the importance of personal hygiene and careful towel and wet wipe disposal when using the toilet facilities. Refreshments WILL NOT be available from the ladies pavilion for members until further notice.

Members must pay their annual club membership of £10 before being allowed to book a bowling session. This is by bank transfer only, details of which can be obtained from the Club Secretary.


The restricted bowling times are 10.00 till 17.10 daily (inclusive) and will be allocated in 1 hour time periods with 15 minutes between games. Members must cease playing promptly at the end of their allocated session and immediately vacate the green and surrounding area.


In the event that a club member's competition is in progress and the event is likely to extend beyond the 17.15 deadline then, providing that either officer is present, Club Chairman, Club Secretaryor Competition Secretarymay give permission for the event to be extended beyond the 17.15 deadline.


Members may book 1 hour sessions for a week in advance by contacting the Club Secretary. Bookings can only be made on a Friday between 10.00 and 13.00 for the following 7 days.


Due to the high possibility of the public being present around the perimeter of the greens the bowling mat must be placed a minimum of 2m from  the edge of the green at the start of each end.


NB. Any member not adhering to the above requirements will be liable to disciplinary action and the club will risk the withdrawal of Fylde Borough Council's approval for bowling to take place on the green