Mens Teams & Information


All the relevent information on mens teams, leagues and matches will be posted in here.




Lytham St. Annes Men's (Monday) CAPTAIN:- Brian Cross


Welcome Over 50's (Monday) Div. 3 Ashton Gardens 'A'  CAPTAIN:- Keith Purcell

                                                 Div 4 Ashton Gardens       CAPTAIN:- Roy Brazier


Fyllde Amateur B.A. (Wednesday) Div 2 Ashton Gardens     CAPTAIN:- Brian Swift

                                                       Div 5 Ashton Gardens 'A' CAPTAIN:- Chris Leeming


Lytham St. Annes Vets.(Tues - Thurs) Div 1 Ashton Gardens 'A' CAPTAIN:- Geoff Wood

                                                             Div 2 Ashton Gardens 'B' CAPTAIN:- Don Riley

                                                             Div 2 Ashton Gardens 'C' CAPTAIN:- Bill Hannigan


Fylde Vets. South (Thursday) Ashton Gardens CAPTAIN:- Keith Purcell

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